Lucy’s Heart – a heart of Service

Who We Are?

Since the 1980’s, Lucienne Cyril has provided hope to those in need in the global community by providing medical services, feeding programs, educational sponsorship, clothing and more.  She has worked with various groups to provide assistance to local and international communities, but most of the work has been led by Lucienne, with, the assistance of friends, out of her home.  What started as a simple unintentional act of kindeness toward one  person has developed into a liftetime of service in helping others.

Lucienne has organized volunteers to work in conjuction with other non-profit organizations, such as, National Association for Prevention of Starvation (NAPS), Haiti Emergency Relief Organization (ERO) and Southeastern Conference Disaster Relief Medical Team.  Through the work she has done with these organizations, churches have been buil, community outreach programs have launched and aid has been provided for victims of natural disasters.  She has also worked tirelessly alongside CALUNAH, an alumni organization for the Adventist University of Haiti, which serves primarily to sponsor Haitian citizens seeking to advance their education.

 It has been Lucienne’s dream to start an organization that will be able to serve a greater number of people.

 Lucy’s Heart, Inc. has been established in her honor so that her legacy of service can be expanded to reach more.